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Hioki 3151

Hioki 3151
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Kode Earth HiTester

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Earth Hi-Tester

Ground resistance measurement involves factors that are not encountered during ordinary resistance measurement, such as polarization of the earth, the influence of grounding current due to leak current and grounding voltage, and the influence of auxiliary grounding resistance. The 3151 is able to make more accurate measurements more safely under difficult conditions because it uses the alternating current potentiometer method to provide measurement accuracy, and because it contains features such as an auxiliary grounding resistance check feature and measurement frequency switching.


  • A ground resistance meter that meets EN standards
  • Its safety and reliability know no borders. Use it anywhere with confidence.
  • Wide measurement range
  • Take measurements to 115% of the measurement range.
  • More stable measurement
  • Easily check the grounding condition of auxiliary grounding rods for better accuracy. Further, the measurement frequency switching lets you avoid influences such as that of high frequency grounding current.
  • Simple measurement feature
  • Switch between "normal" and "simple" measurement modes with the press of a button.
  • Overvoltage protection and alarm feature
  • If wires are incorrectly connected (as often happens during simple measurement of commercial power supplies), safety is provided by an alarm buzzer and overvoltage protection.
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Parts such as the measurement switches and measurement dial have increased dust resistance and durability.
  • More convenient accessories
  • A cable winder ensures freedom from cable tangles, and a convenient carrying case accommodates all measurement materials.


Ground Resistance: 10 ohm (0 to 11.5 ohm), 100 ohm (0 to 115 ohm), 1000 ohm (0 to 1150 ohm), 3 ranges (±2.5 % f.s.)
Ground Voltage: 30 V (0 to 30 V), (±3.0 % f.s.)
Operating Method: AC potentiometer method
Open Circuit Voltage: 50 V AC max.
Measurement Current: 15 mA AC max. (3 mA AC max. when using the two electrode method)
Measurement Frequency: 575 Hz (with 3a or 2a selected) or 600 Hz (with 3b or 2b selected)
Power Supply: R6P(AA) manganese batteries × 6 (at least 500 operations), or LR6(AA) alkaline batteries × 6 (at least 1400 operations) Note:30 seconds measurement, 30 seconds off operating time
Dimensions: 164 mm(6.46 in)W × 119 mm(4.69 in)H × 88 mm(3.46 in)D
Weight: 800 g (28.2 oz)
Accessories: 9214 AUXILIARY EARTHING RODS (2), 9215 MEASURING CABLE (black 5 m(16.41 ft), yellow 10 m(32.81 ft), red 20 m(65.62 ft), one each 9216 CABLE WINDER × 3), 9393 CARRYING CASE (1)
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