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Harga Rp 2.200.000
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Kode Kompas + Clinometer
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Silva SurveyMaster, this patented double instrument is a combination of the SightMaster and the ClinoMaster especially well suited for professionals who need to measure vertical angles/heights and compass bearings. Typical users of this kind of instrument are: Surveyors, geologists, speleologists, miners, satellite dish installators, engineers (telecom) etc.
Benefits with the SurveyMaster are:

  •     Two instruments in one.
  •     Very easy to read thanks to the open to light, crystal-clear scales
  •     Can be equipped with any SightMaster and ClinoMaster scale to special order
  •     Available with battery, or betalight illumination
  •     Quick settling time thanks to the liquid damped scales
  •     Extremely accurate

The SurveyMaster is available in two versions, featuring different sighting-systems : Lensatic and Prismatic.
The SurveyMaster Lensatic is the traditional SurveyMaster model featuring an aluminium protected sighting system withstanding the toughest conditions.
The SurveyMaster Prismatic combines the traditional SurveyMaster features with a superbly clear and open to light prismatic sighting system. Thanks to the construction it is extremely easy to obtain accurate readings even in dark conditions.

  • Sighting system    The Sight Master Lensatic is equipped with a parallax free glass lens magnification (10x) sighting system integrated in the alum
  • Capsule    Anti-static liquid filled for optimal dampening of the Sightmaster card.
  • Compass card    The SurveyMaster Lensatic is equipped with an aluminium compass card with precision scale and the SurveyMaster Prismatic is equi
  • Accuracy    Max +-0.5° from true magnetic course with precision sighting. Max +-1.0° from true magnetic course with direct reading at the lu
  • Clinometer card    The ClinoMaster Lensatic is equipped with an aluminium clinometer card with precision scale and the ClinoMaster Prismatic is equ
  • Accuracy    Max +-0.25° from true angle with precision sighting. Max +-1.0° from true angle with direct reading at the lubber line on top of
  • Dimensions and weights    LA-models 160x54x16 mm. Weight: 230 g. PA-models 160x54x22 mm. Weight: 250 g.
  • Accessories    Leather case (LA-model only). Lighting unit and spare-battery (LU-models only)
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